South Causey Wedding Videographer

Encapsulating a truly wonderful bespoke snapshot of Matthew and Jane’s wedding day through beautiful imagery, award winning CARRO Studio’s wealth of knowledge and extensive expertise compiled a stunning keepsake for the newlyweds, Matthew and Jane, to cherish forever.

A family run business from the North East of England, CARRO Studio are second to none when it comes to capturing those special moments between friends and family and their experienced wedding videographers were able to document the events of the day as they unfolded at the idyllic and romantic setting of the South Causey Inn.

From extending a warm welcome to all of their wedding guests and walking arm in arm down the aisle to exchanging vows and sharing their first dance as Mr and Mrs, CARRO Studio created a gift like no other for Matthew and Jane.

Dedicated to producing a sincere and honest overview of the day’s celebrations, combined with a sprinkle of creative flair and a dash of imagination and artistry, CARRO pride themselves on presenting high quality videography, each one perfectly tailored to each of their clients.

“The best images are the ones that retain their strength and impact over the years, regardless of the number of times they are viewed.” – Anne Geddes

For Matthew and Jane, having something so special and unique taken at their wedding, allows them to reflect on a day filled with love and laughter.