South Causey Wedding Video

CARRO Amy Dan South Causey video

Created with passion – from the veil drifting in the wind to the groom’s heartfelt speech, the dedicated and experienced wedding videographers at CARRO Studio, beautifully captured Amy and Dan’s wedding day in the stunning Beamish Valley setting, at the South Causey Inn.

With a vast amount of experience in both photography and videography – working for London Fashion Week and leading publications, such as VOGUE – CARRO Studio’s extensive knowledge in the wedding industry has allowed him to create exceptional videography, tailored and personalised to each of his clients.

For CARRO, nothing is more important than ensuring each video is captured to perfection, with all the couple’s needs at the forefront of their work.

Producing an authentic and creative work of art for Amy and Dan, the newlyweds are now able to look back on their magical wedding day, remembering those special details that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.

Videoing the beauty, romance and love that filled the air on their wedding day, the North East videographers artistically expressed the events of the day, catching the grand gestures, intricate details and everything in between.

True masters of their craft – utilising only the very best state-of-the-art equipment for Amy and Dan, a smooth service and high-quality video was ensured throughout.

Creating a visual memory for the couple, the technical experts uniquely captured Amy and Dan’s special day, giving them an incredible opportunity to re-live and experience the biggest day of their lives.