1. Can you make me look slimmer?

In pre-wedding meetings, couples are often too embarrassed to ask the question. We all have insecurities and such as how our arms look or a double chin and this can cause anxiety about professional photographs, especially candid. Firstly, what we would say is that on your wedding day you have never looked so good. We don’t even mean the professional make-up, hair, suit or gown, we mean your inner glow.

Sounds cheesy right? Cheesy but true! You are having the time of your life and that radiates through the images. Yes, photoshop tools called liquify are available to nip and tuck and we can do that if you would like us to. Use your engagement/pre-wedding shoot to communicate to your photographer which photographs you feel show you at your best. Don’t be shy we get asked a lot more than you would think and we’re human too!

2. Will you see me naked?

Okay… not exactly that wedding question but many couples have anxiety regarding the ‘getting ready’ time of day. Couples see beautiful details of the best man adjusting the groom’s cravat. Next, the chief bridesmaid or mother of the bride lacing the corset, or the bride delicately putting on their shoes before stepping elegantly into the gown. The reality is somewhat different.

Of course, anyone who has tried on a wedding dress knows all too well that they rarely slip gracefully into them. There is often an abundance of tulle, netting, hoops and let’s face it a bit of huffing, puffing and sweat. As wedding photographers, we know when to avert our eyes, turn around, step out of the room, angle the camera to your feet and position ourselves in such a way to ensure you have dignity.

Some people prefer us in the room throughout and others ask us to step outside for a moment until the finishing touches are being made. Either is fine. You will not offend us we promise! Our aim is to make sure you are happy and comfortable on YOUR day.

3. Will you take a photograph of me in my lingerie?

Boudoir or dudoir shoots are becoming increasingly common. Go for it! It is a wedding present your other half will not forget! We recommend that you book an additional shoot at least one month prior to your wedding day to allow adequate turnaround time for ordering any prints or gift packages that you would like to create for your husband or wife to be.

Boudoir or dudoir shoots are carried out tastefully. We will not photograph in a style we feel would compromise the professional image of the company. Bringing your wedding jewellery, veil, cravat, shirt, cufflinks and other wedding details enhances the images. You may have an option to reserve the wedding suite at your venue for a few hours to carry out the shoot to make the images even more memorable.

If you would like images to be taken on the morning of your wedding, these will be placed in a separate online gallery for preview after the wedding has taken place. We do recommend that you allow ample time and ensure you have privacy and space from the hustle and bustle of hair, make-up and the bridal party.

4. Can you keep a secret?

Families can be complicated. Friendships can be complicated. It is not a problem to tell us any concerns that you may have in advance of your big day. No big deal. Informing us of any complexities in relationships in advance of your wedding will allow us to negotiate group shots and any other formal images with tact and avoid any unnecessary upset. Often there can be a guest who likes things to be ran their way… it happens! We are experienced professionals and are well equipped to handle any situation with diplomacy.

Rest assured our contract is with YOU. We are the advocates of your wishes and will not disclose any information you give us. All information, including the pre-wedding questionnaire, is treated as confidential and will not be shared with any third party. No gossip. Our lips are sealed!

5. Do I need to pay for your meal at the wedding breakfast?

We would politely like to decline your gracious offer. Each wedding photographer may have a different view so do ask the question. We understand that weddings are costly and you have already paid us to be there so there is no need to cater for us. We are a wedding supplier, just like the venue staff, DJ, make-up artist and hair stylist. You can’t cater for a full team!

We use the time during the wedding breakfast to back up our memory cards, plan the remaining image schedule for the day and to ensure our kit is fully charged. It gives us the opportunity to recharge ourselves too. We enjoy socialising with your guests but it is your wedding and time for your friends and family to share. Plus… it does help our waistline if we don’t eat so many luxurious meals throughout the year!



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